She’s Back! What in the world was she thinking?

Here’s where I begin typing and as I go along, decide what exactly I want to do at this place after 4 years of silence. I was never great at the technical side of this having a blog, and now I’ve got to relearn it all. How to create a new post, how to format it, how to save it, how to tag it, how to categorize it, how to add a picture or a quote, etc. But I just have to dive back in.

Recently, I established an early morning routine. Mostly it had to do with having quiet, uninterrupted time to read. I began a 90-day read through the entire Bible plan in December. It takes a little while to get that much reading done in a day. Earlier in the month, I started a morning supplement protocol. These scheduled rituals gave me a purpose to get up at 5:30. Once the habit was set, it was not so hard to get up in the dark and get going.

So now that I finished the 90-day Bible plan, I find I have a bit more time in my  (sometimes) peaceful, uninterrupted morning. With all my reading, which includes the Bible, educational philosophy, cognitive-science, personality/self-helpy types of books, classic fiction, recent fiction, history, biographies, music pedagogy, a few of James’ school books (which are all of the above), I find that I’ve got a lot of thoughts running all over my mind, and while I occasionally take notes and post to my Facebook world about these thoughts, I really need an outlet to work out these ideas. Oh, yeah! I’ve got a blog!

So the test here is will it be good enough for me to just type a post and get whatever thought ‘on paper’, or will I be bothered if no one reads and no one acknowledges that they’ve read? Can I keep from going to StatCounter to see the traffic? Does it matter if you all read or care about what I think? Look! I’m talking to you as if you are reading. It’s really hard not to imagine that people will read. What happened to the days when people wrote in private journals — and locked them? So maybe I should just keep this blog private. At this point, I won’t — just in case there’s someone who cares.

In the past this blog had the purpose of sharing my homeschooling experience and general life with James and Jack. I’m glad that I did it. The videos of James alone, narrating his school reading and playing piano, are treasures that I keep coming back to. And my post on the 5th anniversary of our daughter’s birth I find myself sharing just about every year. James is nearing the end of his pre-higher education journey, and I am spending 20-plus more hours a week teaching piano than when last I posted here. I have found myself reading more….well, more of everything. Thanks to some IRL discussion groups and on-line discussion groups, my wide-range reading life has been revived.  So life is somewhat different now, and I will probably be posting more about Kay and what she thinks about Life and Why we’re here and What we ought to be doing and Why we do what we do.

I’m thinking that I may just post once a week, and it’s probably that early Sunday morning offers me the best time to do that. But once I get going and get the hang of this whole thing and get into the habit of it, who knows what my mind, and fingers, and spirit might be capable and willing to do.

Here’s where I was going to post a picture just to see if I remember how, but I think I’ll make it a separate post in case I mess it up. I’m now going to just post this thing without any editing or going back to re-read it to make sure I don’t sound stupidly rambling. Now where is that button……this is so not like Facebook…..ahhh…scroll up and there’s Publish. Click

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