As far back as I can remember thinking and pondering and questioning have been a big part of my life.   Things needed to make sense to me.  It isn’t enough to learn the fact that 1+1 equals 2, but I want to know why.  It’s a quality that has put me on the outside of many circles in which others probably thought I should be.

I spent many years feeling alone with my questions, but in my 40th year I made a contract til death do us part with a real friend who understands my questions and concerns and constantly has many of his own. (Feel free to visit Jack’s blog.)  Here was someone who also had been asking “why” all his life — although, according to his mother, his main question was “what if…”   And now Jack has created this website for me because he thinks my thoughts and questions are good and important and need to be recorded and shared.

And then came James Dewey.  In my 41st year I had the immense pleasure and honor of becoming a mother.  Wow!  I love this kid.  He amazes me every day.  It is truly a blessing to be his mother and teacher.  He is gladly on this journey with me and his Dad.  Asking questions.  Digging deeper.  In guiding James on this journey I am learning and understanding so much more.  My oh my, what I might be missing out on if I just tossed away my responsibility to nurture and train him.   Can there possibly be any responsibility that is such a joy and boon for me?

These blog entries come from thoughts provoked by books that I am reading by myself or with Jack and/or James.  They come from our daily experiences and interactions with each other and those in the world around us.

I thank you for spending some time here and I hope that you will be inspired to explore and ask questions too and not settle for anything less than the Truth about anything.  Truth is a beautiful thing.

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