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James Dewey: The Legacy of a Name

My brother James Lester Davis was born just before my 5th birthday. He was named for a paternal great-grandfather, James Davis, and our paternal grandfather, Lester Davis. At some point in his growing up years our mother told him that … Continue reading

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Might Makes Right

In pondering more about the Boston Tea Party this morning, I got to thinking about “the glory” in knowing that our eventual independence, acquired some nine (end of war) or eleven (signing of the Treaty)¬†years ¬†later, came about because we … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of glorifying what you won’t imitate

My little status update from Facebook this morning: I think that most folks who honor and glory in the founders of this nation and their actions, would rather just do that, and not imitate those actions. We love those stories … Continue reading

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Lessons of Integrity from Fathers

For many years my two favorite literary dads have been Atticus Finch and Pa Ingalls. This year I was introduced to Charlie Moody in his son Ralph’s memoir titled Little Britches. I loved just about everything about this man as … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Hypocrites – Guest Post by Jack Pelham

The following was a post Jack made at a discussion forum this week. For a simple post in an ongoing discussion, I thought it made a pretty complete article on the subject. And so I present it to my friends … Continue reading

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Neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead

Often when there is a death, whether it is a well-known person or someone that my family or friends knew, I ponder what would that person have to say if they could come back and speak to us. Here we … Continue reading

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Why we school the Charlotte Mason way

As we begin our new school year and I also make attempts to get back into blogging about our life and learning, I thought I would post about some things that we love about the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and why … Continue reading

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Recent ramblings on the passage of my time on this planet

Here are some status updates from my Facebook page during the month of June. And to these I’ve added another thought in this category. 6/30/12 I realize that if we stay on this planet long enough, it happens to us … Continue reading

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Today you are 9

You’ve made it! You’re half way to legal maturity. From my point of view, you are much more mature than many 18 year olds. I am honored to be your mother, and there’s no place on earth that I would … Continue reading

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Going on a Bear Hunt

Jack found scat one day last week, and suspects it might belong to a bear. I’ll spare you the pictures of that, but I will share pictures of the camera and bait that he and James set up to see … Continue reading

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