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Why we school the Charlotte Mason way

As we begin our new school year and I also make attempts to get back into blogging about our life and learning, I thought I would post about some things that we love about the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and why … Continue reading

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Vasco, Pizarro, Leonardo, Marco, Martin and John

I best get on with this 6 week review now that we’ve finished our 8th week of school. I’ll begin with our journeys through British, American and World History. This is our third year reading Our Island Story by H.E. … Continue reading

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Math Wars

Before I continue with the beautiful and glowing reports of our History, Geography, Literature readings and Art and Music studies as promised in the last post, I’m going to share the hardest battle we’ve have this school term. (Funny that … Continue reading

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Nature study behind Waffle House

Yes, it can happen anywhere! Narration by the Dad (head of our Geology Dept.) coming soon.

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Teaching and Knowing History

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal historian David McCullough discusses the historical illiteracy of students (who, of course, grow up to be us big people), even from the most esteemed institutions. He speaks of a young woman who … Continue reading

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The past is not relevant, or so the school says

Here’s a scary story I just read on a discussion forum: This past weekend we went to visit the Betsy-Tacy historical sites. During our visit another mother mentioned their public school system had “purged” the libraries of books which were … Continue reading

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Pardon me, I believe I was in your way again

Today I read this words of Charlotte Mason from the Introduction to Vol. 6: A child requires knowledge as much as he requires food. He is furnished with the desire for Knowledge, i.e., Curiosity; with the power to apprehend Knowledge, … Continue reading

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Music, Tenacity and Life

James was having difficulty with a piece of music and told me that it was his least favorite and that he didn’t like it at all. To his chagrin, I assigned it for a third straight week. I told him … Continue reading

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Teach them to obey

One of the very best life lessons I’ve ever learned occurred when James was just becoming a toddler. We were at my mother’s farm when James took off running across the yard.  Being concerned for his safety, I instinctively ran … Continue reading

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Handwriting skills not a dying art

Last fall the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “How Handwriting Boosts the Brain.”  The author addresses the fact that in spite of our ever advancing technological world, the ancient skill of handwriting still has real value. For the … Continue reading

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